White Label Design


Partner with Synergy Creative and have a dedicated, experienced design studio ready to jump on, fill in, expand, or simply take the pressure off your studio or agency. For over a decade, Synergy has provided White Label design and creative services to clients on behalf of some of Melbourne’s leading marketing and advertising agencies.

How does White Label work? 

  1. Briefing. You brief us, or we can attend the briefing with the client under your company banner and collect any specs or project content.
  2. Production. We work to your deadlines allowing time for your feedback before you present to the client. We can also assist with project management and liaise with yourself, your developers, your printer, and  even your client – all under your name.
  3. Billing. Finally, we invoice you for the job once completed. Our system is flexible, so our terms can match your billing cycle to help your cashflow.

Why is White Label right for your agency?
Synergy gives you the flexibility and expertise of an in-house team without the investment in infrastructure and staff, stress of managing work flow, or headache of lost time due to sick leave.

  1. Bring creative design experience and skill to your projects
    Synergy’s talented design team has the creativity and skillset you need to get the job done. Whether you have a big pitch or digital project coming up, or need particular experience in a new or different field of design, we have the experience and expertise to fill your gaps.
  2. Get support on call
    Synergy is always there to support you. We have the resources and skills to back you up whenever you need to lean on us.
  3. How does White Label work? 
    With a White Label design service tailored to your unique needs, you’ll free up the time spent recruiting, chasing availability of freelancers, and managing a design team. Plus, with a dedicated design team at your fingertips, you’ll have the confidence to take on larger projects.
  4. Stay up-to-date
    We run the latest Adobe Creative Cloud suite as well as Sketch, Flash, and MS Office applications. All artwork is backed up and archived on and off-site. We also invest the time to build our brand knowledge of your clients to save you time, and stay consistent to make you look good.

How White Label design services help you
Our dedicated team of designers, art directors, and web developers have over 30 years’ collective experience. We focus on strategic creative solutions, and we love partnering with clients and agencies to expand their advertising, design and creative offerings.


Looking to expand? We’re here to help.
To discuss your creative needs and how our White Label services can support or expand your business, call Synergy on 03 9908 3790 (or email