Time to rebrand your business?


Brands are forever evolving, and this could be simply to stay up to date with the latest design trends or just to stand out in their industry. Rebranding can be a variety of things such as changing your business name, logo, image, colour palette or symbol.


As your company grows, you might want to consider thinking about why you might require a rebrand. Is your target audience changing? Are you being noticed?


Here is our list of reasons to rebrand.


Your brand isn’t up to date.
Is your brand looking old and outdated and you’re not standing out from the crowd? You might want to consider a complete brand refresh while looking at new design trends, colour psychology and how you can stand out against your competitors.


Your target demographic has changed
Researching your new demographics likes and dislikes is the key to working out how your brand can change with them. It could simply be that their interests or goals have shifted. Make sure to remember that your customers are what keeps your business up and running.


Feeling embarrassed?
Are you cringing at your website design or when handing over your business card? This can be a major sign that you need a brand update.


Your business is growing… and fast!
Your existing brand worked well when starting out, but it can fall out of that marketplace and no longer work. A rebrand can help build your business and put your brand back on the map next to your competitors.


A great example of a business growing fast is Airbnb. In 2008, their brand name started out as ‘Air Bed & Breakfast’. Stepping into a completely new market, Airbnb soon became a major travel company. They adopted a fresh new look which incorporated an iconic symbol and a colour scheme that differentiates them from their competitors.


A rebrand needs to be clearly thought out and if you’re considering not taking the chance to do so, there are risks involved. It could be that your brand is overtaken by your competitors or your target market losing complete interest in your brands product or service.


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Credit: Image courtesy to Fiasco Design